Technical Service

All our machines and installations are rigorously assembled in our plants and directly in production factories, with assistance, starting and optimisation of operation for each process, developing a top level know-how and a proportioned permanent technical assistance.

Expandable Material Supplier

The complexity of polishing processes brings about the knowledge of the most appropriate consumables essential for a good finishing result, so we can advise and supply any kind of materials such as contact wheels, abrasive belts, polishing wheels and abrasive paste.


Finishing Laboratory

Aiming at creating a permanent technical support to our customers, we set up the Finishing Laboratory, to meet production needs. Materials are studied with respect to design, production time, most appropriate type of machinery, and most appropriate materials to carry out polishing processes. The most precise way to treat each single part. servizi


This laboratory is also a permanent open-house exhibition with our machines operating on the spot, which makes it possible to welcome our customers and potential customers mainly from abroad and to train operators on complex polishing processes. servizi